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If you want some feature you think is nice to have and it is not implemented yet, leave me a note. Maybe it'll become one of the new features from the next release ;)

Project on SourceForge

The project is currently hosted on SourceForge.

What's new?

Changes in 0.9.12 (2005/02/28)

Changes in 0.9.11 (2005/02/26)

Changes in 0.9.10 (2005/02/20)

Changes in 0.9.9 (2005/02/17)

Changes in 0.9.8 (2005/02/14)

Changes in 0.9.7 (2005/02/07)

Changes in 0.9.6 (2005/02/01)

Changes in 0.9.5 (2005/01/30)

Changes in 0.9.4 (2005/01/24)

Changes in 0.8.0 (2005/01/17)


Windows note:

I have tested and run the viewer on WindowsXP with SP2 only. But it should work on other windows platforms, too.

If you don't have the python, python-gtk and gtk already installed, you'll need to download and install them before runing the viewer.

For gtk, I am using the gladewin32 release. The python-gtk is from here.


To install the viewer from sources you will need, beside the run-time dependencies: Installation uses the distutils module from python. The installation can be tweaked in a couple of ways: If you have both python2.3 and python2.4 installed, be sure you call the setup with the correct python version!

Example 1

python install --prefix=/tmp/foo
does: -> /tmp/foo/bin/
PyComicsViewer    -> /tmp/foo/lib/python-2.3/site-packages/PyComicsViewer
glade & png's     -> /tmp/foo/PyComicsViewer

Example 2

python install --install-scripts=/tmp/foo \
	--install-lib=/tmp/foo --install-data=/tmp/foo
does: -> /tmp/foo/
PyComicsViewer    -> /tmp/foo/PyComicsViewer
glade & png's     -> /tmp/foo/PyComicsViewer


Windows and Dialogs

Main Window (v0.9.11) - File Browser

Main Window (v0.9.11) - Thumbnail Browser

Main Window (v0.9.11) - MD5/SFV Sums

About Dialog (v0.9.11)

Preferences::Archivers (v0.7)
Sets the paths to archivers and
the command lines used to decompress the comics

Preferences::Color (v0.7)
Sets the background color of the main window

Preferences::Logging (v0.9.10)
Configures logging sub-system

ReadMe - Linux(v0.9.10)
Shown when the user tries to start the viewer using the wrong python file

ReadMe - Windows(v0.9.10)
Shown when the user tries to start the viewer using the wrong python file

Menus (v0.7)


Other comics viewers: Comics and XML:

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